Fitness, health and well-being is not just about looking good, but also about feeling good. Feeling good comes from a synthesis of your mind, body, career, social connections and spirituality, all working in tandem which influence your feelings, health & well-being, overall energy and fulfillment.

Holistic health from the inside out.

I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Health Psychology. I am fascinated and passionate about the immense power that our minds have over our bodies, illness, health, recovery, feelings and over all well-being and the interaction between our minds and body’s.


I have come from a background of self-destructive criticism and an idealistic view of perfectionism which grew into a restrictive eating disorder and the need to adhere to society’s view of beautiful. I have learned so much in my journey and continue to do so, through experience, studies and personal interests – steering me towards a passion of self-acceptance, body love, nutrition, holistic health and spirituality.
Wellness is more than physicality and I strongly believe it all begins in the mind. Thus, Mindfully Fit was born.
In order to be healthy, our entire bodies needs to be nourished – including our brains. Our body’s systems are all connected in ways that that are so often missed but all work together in a unified, coherent system. Thinking in beneficial ways that influence healthful behaviours; nourishing food, movement, positive thoughts, beliefs about dis-ease, practicing self-love and self-compassion are all imperative ingredients to lead a wholesome lifestyle.



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