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The Psychology of Leadership

There is an incongruity between the leaders and employees of today which can be explained by Psychology & personality types.

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Navigating the ‘New Year, New Career’

It's nearly March (HOW?) and a lot of us might be feeling a little lacklustre about where we are at this point in time. The New Year is often synonymous with new goals, change and a reinvigorated lease on life. This year will be the year that you make changes, get healthy, change careers or… Continue reading Navigating the ‘New Year, New Career’


Career: Sometimes people DO quit their jobs, not a manager

There’s a lot of articles floating around that posit that people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers. These articles swirled around in my mind for nearly 12 months and their words actually kept me in my role for a lot longer, purely for the fact that I didn’t want to quit my manager.… Continue reading Career: Sometimes people DO quit their jobs, not a manager

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Living with Imposter Syndrome

I sat in the training room as a participant alongside some of the most influential people in a global business. Individual’s whom I had never met before, only seen their names floated around, attached to important communication with an association of power and influence. People who are leading the way, project managing instrumental change, writing… Continue reading Living with Imposter Syndrome