Christmas, is it the best time of year?

I know you’ve heard it time and time again in the past few weeks but I’m going to say it again. How in the HECK is it already Christmas?

I mean, we have lived through every single month of the year so it’s not exactly like it came out of no where, we kind of have been working towards December for the past 355 days but it seems like just yesterday I was bringing in 2018.

Christmas can be a bittersweet time of year for some people. It’s a time of the year when everyone should feel exuberantly happy, cheerful, loving, giving and just all round buoyant but this isn’t always the case. Christmas can also be a time of the year that highlights certain aspects of people’s lives that might not be going very positively. Money, family, friends, energy, drinking, eating – all things you’re expected to do / have at this time of year.

People are expected to buy presents for everyone they meet up with from December 20th – 26th, we are expected to be immensely happy and positive just because it’s clocked over to December 1st, never-mind how you were feeling November 30th, it’s now Christmas, forget it. Give, give, give. It’s also a few days of the year where all of your hard work in terms of exercise, eating healthy and saving money can literally be undone within a week.

I don’t mean to sound like a Grinch, because I love Christmas, but it isn’t easy for everyone. Some families might have empty seats at the table this year and for some people it might be the saddest they’ve been in a while because it just reminds them that someone isn’t here who should be.

Christmas doesn’t have to be this extravagant event that leaved you even more stressed. People don’t remember the things they were given or the presents they opened, people remember memories with people who matter to them.

I changed careers this year and with that, I took a bit of a pay cut. Couple that with buying a purebred dog and the ongoing costs of having such a dog (aka spoiled rotten), the thought of buying $100’s worth of gifts was really making me stressed. I also don’t want any more ‘stuff’ myself so I have adopted a mantra of Presence over Presents this Christmas and you will be surprised at how well it has been received. In reality, every one I spoke to agreed and was also relieved.

two elf on the shelf figurines

When it comes down to it, Christmas is about being with family and is a time of the year where we can reflect. Maybe it’s not been so great for you. Maybe 2018 wasn’t your best or maybe it was. But the best thing about it is, is that in 6 days, it’s a whole new year with a blank slate.

Let’s make Christmas more about people rather than things. Let’s be present, turn off our social media, focus on the people who are in our company and try to relax. Eat some yummy food, drink some wine, play board games (not monopoly or scrabble if you’re a part of my family, it will end up on the ground..), take a nap, move, sing awfully to some Christmas carols and relax.

And if you don’t feel over the moon and full of energy and happy, then that’s okay too. Do small things that make you happier, spend time with people who make you smile and stop trying to make it the best day of the year if it’s not for you. Go with the flow and take it as it comes.

Merry Christmas xx



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