Breast Augmentation – 4 months on

Four months post op and I’m a little concerned that I don’t know where the time has gone?

It almost feels like a distant dream that exactly 4 months ago to the day, I was undergoing my BA surgery in Bangkok, Thailand. What a journey. I remember coming out of surgery and arriving back in Australia with the upper body strength of a potato thinking I had a LOONNGG road to recovery ahead of me.

And I did. It seemed like the first 2 months were lived in slow motion.

I went into surgery as a 10A and am now a 10DD (hollaaaaa). If you remember back to my consult, my surgeon Dr Sanguan told me he wasn’t going to be able to fit in the implant size that I wanted and I would probably end up a C cup, which I was a little disappointed about. So when I got measured and was told that I was a 10DD, I asked the bra specialist to do it again because I simply didn’t believe her. So after a second result of the same size and a still not-so-convinced-Stacie, I went around the corner to another bra specialist and sure enough got told for a third time I was a 10DD. Also the fact that this is the only size bra that fits me now might suggest they were right so to say I’m satisfied with this result is a bit of an understatement.


Recovery & Training

3 months is the longest break that I’ve ever had from going hard in the gym and it was a mental challenge more than it was a physical one. I was pretty strict in following the doctors and Cosmeditour’s orders when it came to recovery, especially with training. I don’t see the point in putting my results and body at risk when I’ve travelled overseas, been through a surgery and paid a substantial amount, just to jeopardise the outcome because I want to go to the gym one day

At 4 weeks I started back with light cardio (walking and bike) and training legs, but even with this I took it so easy that sometimes it didn’t even feel like I had trained. I only performed exercises that had no bearing at ALL on my upper body and didn’t engage any muscles above my waist. Safe to say that the leg press and every stance & positioning possible on the leg press became my new best friends.

It was a serious test of my body confidence and how far my mind has come in the past few years and at times I honestly wanted to break down and cry because I felt like a fat lard and all I wanted to do was a HIIT workout but I stayed true to my plan, sucked it up and did something else. I had days where I felt unfit and not like myself but I knew it was short-term sacrifice for long-term (chest) gains.

As advised, I started training upper body, albeit lightly, at three months post op and slowly eased back into circuit training which is what I have been doing for the past 4 weeks. I’m not pushing my body to the extremes that I was previously and am still not doing exercises that are chest dominant or engage too much of my pecs.

Some exercises feel weird in the sense that I can literally feel the implant move against my chest wall, and some are just so uncomfortable that I still choose not to do them. My upper body is incredibly weak and I’m not going to be hitting any PB’s anytime soon but I look to where I was 4 months ago and am so amazed at how my body has healed and how my new assets are looking.


Healing Process:

From 2 – 6 weeks I had random shooting pains, unremitting itching and a burning sensation that were all apparently due to nerve regeneration & a part of the healing process. I used, and continue to use rosehip oil on my incisions, day and night to minimise the scarring and wore my post op bra every single day and night, for about 23.5 hours a day until three months after surgery. It was not sexy.

I think that was probably the most frustrating thing about the recovery process is that I had just got these amazing add ons to my body and I had to wait 3 MONTHS to actually enjoy them. Everything I wore was chosen to HIDE the hideous bra which inevitably hid my boobs too – kind of counterproductive to the whole process huh.

I still wear wireless bras and will until about 6 months post op but at least these ones can be cute and lacey. I also invested in some kick ass supportive sports bras from Lorna Jane to minimise movement when I am training for protection.

Aesthetics & Feelings:

Straight out of surgery my boobs were high, hard and totally round. They looked like balls that had been bolted onto my chest.

Over time, something happens which we call “drop and fluff” which is when the muscles relax and the implants settle and drop into place. I was aware that the first few weeks and months my boobs would change a lot, so I was conscious to not make any decisions on how I felt about them until they started to take their proper form.

At about the 8 – 10 week mark, they started to really take shape and settle into place but even from that point until now, they look quite different.

I got teardrop shaped implants so they have quite a natural look to them. Are they everything I every wanted? Not quite. Do I love them nonetheless? Abso-fucking-lutely. Because of the placement of my natural breasts, they aren’t as close together as I would have liked but they look natural & it’s nothing a semi-good bra can’t fix.

I was always set on having a pair that weren’t too big or too fake but had the capacity to look so if I wanted them to – and that is exactly the look that I have achieved. Every day they look natural and big but if I want to take that to the next level, I can. I didn’t want the ‘fake’ look to define who I was and who was interested in me; mentally, physically, intellectually and I didn’t want my boobs to be the first thing that people noticed about me on a daily basis and I’m really happy that I stayed true to that.

I think if anything were to be taken away from this and the most important point that I can get across about recovery from a breast augmentation is to take your time and be patient.

Be patient with the results, if they don’t look exactly as you wanted them to straight after surgery, they will change incredibly.

Be patient with your healing process and easing back into exercise. I have heard about too many girls who jump straight back into the gym and end up with problems like slipped implants or less than desirable results from engaging their muscles too much before their body is ready. And also, be patient with your body if it’s not healing as fast as you had hoped.

I don’t do anything half assed and I think this whole recovery process is evident of that. It’s a long process but it’s so worth it to do it right.


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