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Week 1 Post Op & Nearly Backing Out of Surgery

One week post op and I feel like I’ve drawn the easy card with this whole process. I went into surgery prepared for the worst, to be in excruciating pain for the majority of week 1, to be immobile, depressed, sore, bored, fat and bloated.

Some of those things I have experienced, but my recovery has been an absolute breeze compared to anecdotes of others.

My consultation was the day before my surgery and the first time that I had spoken directly with my surgeon. I went in prepared with a list of questions and an album full of photos of what look I wanted to achieve (cue: album full of soft porn boob photos) and how I wanted my new assets to look. Dr Sanguan listened attentively and scrolled through the photos that I had shown, picking up on the fact that I wanted a somewhat ‘natural look.

My chest was measured and the elasticity of my skin was observed before I tried on a bra to put implants in to see what size I wanted to go with. My initial recommendations from photos sent to the surgeon back in September suggested that I receive 330 – 375cc, Tear Drop implants with a Dual Plane placement. Upon observation of my chest, Dr Sanguan recommended Tear Drop implants due to the natural shape of my breasts and because I didn’t want a ‘fake’ look, but advised that it would be a struggle to fit even 330cc implants in due to the limited breast tissue I had. I was pretty disappointed because I had been so hung up on these numbers and having a number lower than this meant in my mind, that I wouldn’t be able to achieve the look that I wanted.

When you’re in your consultation, they get you to try on a bra and put implants in the bra to demonstrate what size your breast will go to, so you can decide what size implant you like. This process, for me, was horrifying. The shape of the implant is nothing like what it will end up like after surgery due to the fact that you are merely placing a silicon bubble OVER your current boob, in a bra. I almost backed out then and there and was sure that I did not even suit having boobs. It looked like I had massive, saggy, grandma boobs and did not instill me with much confidence. It took me close to 45 minutes of trying 2 different sizes and shapes in to see which one I hated less, to decide what I wanted to do. I tried it on with a top and seriously looked like I had tennis balls under my top.

I was not excited. In fact, for the rest of the night I was pondering over whether I had made the right decision and if I would end up looking like I did when I was 12 and shoved hockey balls in my sports bra, as a joke.

However, I honestly voiced these concerns with my Surgeon who promised me that they would look good after surgery so in the end I said, you’re the expert, you do this everyday, I’m going to leave it up to you to decide what you think is best for my body and my shape and we’ll go with that. I couldn’t trust myself to make the decision but I knew that a lot of girls freak out in consultations, go with a smaller size and wish they had gone bigger. So I suggest we start with the bigger and go smaller if we need.

We decided that in theatre he would try to fit 330cc in and if not, I would have to have 295cc. I was hoping like hell for 330cc due to inevitable boob greed later down the track however, I received 295cc.

At first, I was disappointed however, Dr Sanguan made the effort to see me once I woke up, explain the procedure and that he couldn’t close with 330cc and assured me that I would be very happy with the results. Not many high profile surgeons have the time and personalisation to reassure their patients straight after surgery that they will love the outcome. And you know what? I really do.

I was so hung up on a number but after surgery and seeing how my new assets look, I am absolutely over the moon. I told my surgeon in my consult that I was scared boobs would make me look fat due to my frame (short and wide shoulders, thanks dad), and he listened and made sure the results complimented my body. A close friend with BA experience told me that I can always make them look bigger, but never smaller, they are with you in every situation in your life from here on out, and that little piece of advice is something that has stuck with me throughout this whole process.

My recovery has been an absolute breeze & to be honest, I don’t want to harp on about how easy it’s been for people who are considering having a breast augmentation because I think in this instance, I have been the exception.

Was there pain? Obviously, I’ve had surgery. But the hardest thing about recovery so far is not being able to ‘adult’ and ‘do life’. Things like sit up out of bed or flush the toilet or open a door. I was bloated and constipated until about day 4 and one of my incisions had spurts of excruciating pain that would last about 30 seconds due to the nerves reconnecting, the post-surgical bra can be rather uncomfortable and I get sleep paralysis when I lie on my back but other than that, I have felt pretty normal and managed to get out and about to explore some of Bangkok, which by the way, is a pretty vibrant and active city.

I have felt cared for, looked after and well-supported from all of the medical professionals, friends and Cosmeditour who have seriously made a process like this which has the capacity to be scary and stressful, extremely enjoyable. They have two representatives, Suan and Fern who’s full time jobs are based at the Hotel that their patients stay to liaise with hospitals, be there for any questions, help you settle in and provide you with assistance if/when needed which is above and beyond what I had expected.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing a city I would have otherwise passed through, learning a new culture, grow as a person by being here for 4 days on my own, meet some amazing people and have a seamless surgery and recovery period which is more than I could have asked for.

Bangkok as a city is alive and vibrant and so, so much more than I had expected. Thai people are polite and the customer service is second-to-none and being shown through some areas of Bangkok from a local has opened my eyes and heart to places that I would never have ventured on my own.

I have a long way to go in terms of recovery which will be a massive test for myself. I have been asked a lot about getting back into the gym and although I miss it, a lot, it’s not really on my mind. My main focus for the next month or so is to recover fully, give my body the rest that it needs to repair and really, being able to adult again – like lift my suitcase off the ground or pushing open a door without having to use my foot. In the scheme of things, a few weeks or a few months are nothing to be able to have something that I have wanted for the past 13 years.

So I’m going to be patient with my recovery and focus on other things like blogging, getting back into meditation & mindfulness and a few other projects I have coming up.

Stacie x


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