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Pre-Breast Augmentation Part 1

If you follow my Instagram you may have seen a few posts about my upcoming breast augmentation. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to document every step and be completely honest and open about my whole process because when I was making this decision, I found researching other people’s experiences so valuable.

It’s going to be a long post so I will break it into parts so you can skim to where you want instead of having to read the novel.


The ‘Why’:

I remember when I was about 10 years old I would I would stuff my bras (that were SO unnecessary) with tennis balls and run around the house pretending I had boobs. I started buying bras well before there was anything there to support, in some sort of fairy tale hope that by wearing a bra by body might want to fill it out and sprout some boobies. I have always worn padded bras to augment my flat chest and as long as I can remember, I have wanted to have SOME sort of curves on my upper body. So, this surgery has not come out of the blue and it has not been a ‘fuck it’ moment. It’s been about 10 – 13 years in the making.

Not everyone agrees with plastic surgery and if I’m honest, I’m all about loving yourself wholeheartedly for how you are too so it took me a long while to be open about going through this. I used to be extremely adverse to the idea because I felt like it went against what I stood for. If you don’t agree with it, that’s fine and those are your feelings so feel free to stop reading now.

It’s a tough thing growing up and becoming a woman without the one thing that signifies femininity. However, I’ve found that the most negative reactions (apart from my parents) are from women, more specifically women who already have breasts. It’s easy for them to judge and point a finger with a full C cup bouncing off their chests but it’s those, who like myself, have grown into our own with merely an A cup and now have the power to do something about it, that get it.

I have been working towards being able to have surgery for the past few years but it has really only become something attainable in the past year. It used to seem so far-fetched because I was a 22-year-old student, how was I going to have a spare $15k anytime soon?


Research & Getting the ball rolling:

I know about 20+ people, close friends and acquaintances who have had breast surgery in Thailand and from the anecdotes of the people I spoke with, I had never heard one bad story from having surgery in Thailand. I have researched surgeons, hospital standards, medical training, results, procedures, stories, after care and people’s reviews, both for and against so feel like I have made an educated decision.

If you Google bad experiences of breast surgery in Thailand, obviously there are going to be shocking horror stories that appear, but if you also look for bad experiences from crossing the road, you’re going to be met with the same result.


Choosing a company:

Organising breast surgery can be an overwhelming experience so I decided to go through a third party cosmetic company to streamline the process and for an added level of support. These companies book surgeries and liaise with the hospitals on a daily basis, it’s what they do, so I felt more comfortable going through them so nothing was missed because otherwise, I would have no idea where to start.

I researched three companies when making my decision: International Rejuvenation, Cosmeditour and Restored Beauty Getaways but actually made my final decision based on the type of surgery and surgeon I wanted, and which company worked with that surgeon.

My first piece of advice for anyone going to have surgery; research surgeons, decide what sort of look you want to achieve, research surgeon’s results, their specialties and based your decision on them. The company itself doesn’t directly influence the results however, I did like the fact that Cosmeditour can help to guide you to decide on a surgeon based on your surgery (if you don’t have one in mind) and will follow up with you prior to, and after surgery.

I paid for initial consultations for two companies because I’m indecisive like that. One came back and said it was a straightforward surgery and the surgeon has suggested round implants, dual plane (half over muscle and half under) placement, and the other came back with a suggestion of teardrop implants because of the way my chest wall is positioned. They said that teardrops implants would help to fill the gap between my breasts and chest, something that I was initially worried about. Because of the detailed feedback of the latter suggestion, I decided to go with Cosmeditour & Dr Sanguan as my option, who I had initially requested.

Cosmeditour is the largest Cosmetic Travel Company and their name is practically synonymous with breast augmentations in Thailand so I felt comfortable with this decision and their guidance and patience from the outset has really helped put my mind at ease.

I initially contacted them through Instagram & one of their client managers emailed me with some details about how to progress. I sent through lovely photos of my boobs for a consult and from there on out, they have made this scary and somewhat overwhelming process seem so natural and smooth.

They have answered any question that I had (and there have been a lot), there was even a point in time where I listened to other people’s ideas about overseas surgery, so I requested to change to have my procedure for Sydney or Gold Coast. They willingly changed me over to an Australian representative, and after a few weeks I decided that I wanted to stick with Thailand, once again, being transferred back to my initial client manager. Through this, they never once complained and were always so happy to answer any questions or queries I had, despite how annoying I may have been.

Cosmeditour also have a closed Facebook group for ladies who have traveled or are traveling to Thailand for surgery & the women on there have really put my mind at ease being so open and honest about their experiences and sharing their results. It’s great to feel like you’re traveling overseas for surgery with 100’s of other women who ‘get’ your decision and who have been there and done it. They have given me guidance on what to take, what to expect and been very frank about boredom post surgery.


Due to the mere size of Cosmeditour, they have the capacity to have unbelievable packages that they can offer for their clients traveling overseas for surgery that made my life so much easier without having to worry about minor details.

My package is: $4990 which is inclusive of 10 nights in a 5 star hotel in Bangkok, hospital and hotel transfers, blood tests, x-rays, medications, anaesthetic, and obviously, surgery. I paid an extra $1400 for teardrop implants, $290 for a companion to accompany me and their accommodation and $290 for surgery warranty. All up, surgery and 10 nights in Bangkok for a companion and myself was around $7500, without flights.

Compare this to $12,000 + for surgery in Australia or NZ and it’s a no-brainer.


Why Thailand:

When I first told people that I was going to Thailand for the procedure I got asked a lot of ‘why’s’. Well. Let me tell you WHY.

Thai surgeons who perform these procedures, do breast augmentations all day, everyday. They are the Gods of breast surgeries. Their hospitals are a far cry away from the streets of Thailand and depict world-class facilities and cleanliness standards that I’ve heard even Australia is falling short on. Furthermore, the level of aftercare is absolutely second-to-none.

In Thailand, you are required to stay at least one night post op in hospital and more often than not, this is extended to two days or until the surgeon says your fit to leave. You have drains inserted to remove excess fluid and minimise the risk of infection and you have nurses who check up on you and administer your pain relief every hour, or as necessary. Australia however, is a day surgery. You are in and out within 4 hours and allowed to go back to your hotel without a nurse or medical professional accompanying you. There are no drains and therefore, that excess fluid is rolling around in your newly created incisions. No thanks. I spoke to one person who said that she went to a ‘high profile’ cosmetic surgeon in Sydney and she was put in an UBER 30 minutes after waking up from surgery. She felt like a doll in a factory, trying to get as many people in and out in one day as possible.

Everyone I have spoken to about their surgery in Thailand has literally gloated about how amazing the care was. They felt listened to, understood, supported and genuinely cared for and this is the level of service that I want to experience.

Surgery in itself is a big decision and a scary time so I want to ensure that I feel like I’m in good hands with people who know what they’re doing and aren’t trying to get me in and out as fast as humanly possible.


Moving forward:

Am I scared? Hell f*cking yes I am, but more importantly, I am incredibly excited for this process and the results. I haven’t jumped into this blindly and it’s not been an easy decision but because I have considered every option I feel so comfortable with the decision that I have made and cannot wait to get on that plane in a week’s time.

I will be reinstalling Snapchat (Staceewa) to provide an up-to-date documentation of my process, what I’m taking, Thailand, consultations, my procedure and recovery for anyone who wants to follow more closely.

I will write as much as I can and be as open and honest as I can and am more than happy to answer any questions as they arise.

Wish me luck!


Stacie xx


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