How I used the power of my mind to win $1000

I’ve read a lot of books and articles about the power your mind can have on manifesting reality. Anecdotes about people visualising what they want to bring into their lives, how they want their lives to play out and these things unexplainably falling into place.

I’ve read the Secret and am currently reading a book about Your 3 best Superpowers “meditation, imagination and intuition”

I had literally, the night before, just finished the chapter on imagination before I decided I should actually put some of this into practice. All this reading and no action was becoming a waste of time if I didn’t actually utilise what I had learned.

You can read as many books, articles, quotes or anecdotes but unless you actually implement the practices, they’re rendered pretty useless.

I believe in these things but I always thought that they worked in the same way that happens when you’re in the market for a new Mercedes and all of a sudden you see so many Mercedes on the road sort of thing. Your attention has shifted so now you’re more attuned to noticing certing things.

I didn’t really know if I believed that your thoughts or imagination could have power about bringing things into your life that are out of your control. Chance, if you will.


Until one day last week.


We had an incentive work where had four weeks to get tickets into a draw for $1000. Each week you had a chance to get a ticket. When the incentive was first announced, I confidently announced to my manager and colleagues that I was going to win that $1000. They laughed.

Every week when a reminder came around about the incentive I already knew I had won it. I felt like it was mine.

I had three tickets in the draw. There were probably a few hundred.

The morning of the draw came around and as soon as the announcer got up to speak I turned inwards and started vividly imagining how this would turn out.

I imagined an actual white, rectangular piece of paper in the box with my name written on it. I imagined his hand reaching into the box and clasping his hands around the piece of paper that read my name, swimming among hundreds of others. I listened to my name be called and I worked out a route between the scattered chairs of how I was going to walk up and collect my prize.

I imagined how I would feel and gratitude for winning this.

I imagined this over and over again in my head, feeling every single step, until it came time to announce the draw winner.

And then my name was called.

I couldn’t really believe it at first. More so for the fact that I had just used the power of my imagination and the law of attraction to create an opportunity dictating what was going to happen in my life, for something that had slim chances of it actually happening.

It’s made me think about what other chances, opportunities, situations or people I can bring into my life, simply by utilising the power of my mind. How many things have I missed out on because it’s taken me THIS long to actually take action of what I’ve read?

From this experience I’ve decided that I’m going to start spending 2 – 3 minutes every morning to focus on visualising what I want my life to look like. 2 -3 minutes on the train every morning is really not much time out of my life to potentially create a life full of abundance.

I have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain.

I also have four more weeks until the incentive is drawn again. Watch this space…


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