Social Media is a Fool

I’ve touched on the topic of social media quite a lot throughout my blog posts so I decided to commit a full excerpt to it.

In today’s world, social media is becoming inevitable. Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn there are so many ways to connect with people from all corners of the globe.

Businesses capitalise on those who have large followings using them as advertising mediums, agencies and organisations are advertising job vacancies on their pages in hopes to attract hot talent, deals for products and services pop up in our news feed enabling us to have access to commodities we otherwise wouldn’t have known about and we are forever exposed to people and places that seem way out of our league.

Everything is so easy, so accessible and so ostentatious that it often makes our own day-to-day lives feel mundane and rather dull.

Pictures of beautiful, happy, healthy, wealthy, fun and adventurous people infiltrate our repertoire to unavoidably leave us feeling unworthy and contemptible.

I want to make it so crystal clear to anyone reading this that social media is not real life. There have been social media personalities open up about the hard truths of this over the past few years and I hope that people have listened. Sometimes, what is publicized on social media is such a far cry from the truth that it makes me feel physically ill from irritation and disgust.

Think of the photos you post for the world to see. We take photos when the lighting is complimentary, we’re all dressed up to go out, out for a nice meal, or in the car on the way to the supermarket (#adventure) and feeling our best.

Its like we forget that the people we follow on social media are real people too. We forget that they also only take photos when there is a photo worth taking and disregard the mundane shit in their life. We look up to these people and wish we had their lives or their wealth or their wardrobe but forget that we actually don’t know the full story behind that person or that photo.

 We need to stop accepting things at face value.

I know of a handful of social media personalities whose lives look like they’re straight out of a movie. Traveling every second week, flying all over the world, flaunting new Nikes every post, hair extensions, ‘working’ where they want to, constant tans, designer clothing, happiness and wide smiles, amazing bodies, great personalities and what seems like real, genuine friendships and relationships.

But what goes on behind closed doors is far from what is represented on their social media. Debt, maxed out credit cards, dysfunctional relationships, no friendships, constant fighting with others, jobless – because taking a photo of a laptop on a tropical island doesn’t mean you’re ‘working’, egotistical natures, health issues, consuming laxatives and eating 500 calories a day to achieve these bodies, anxiety and depression among other problems that just aren’t even worth mentioning.

Social media is exactly this; a RE-presentation of someone’s life – and they can present whatever life they wish you to see. And we, as consumers, fall for it every single time.

No-one posts about doing the dishes, cleaning the toilet or how the look when they roll out of bed first thing in the morning. No one is going to admit to being in debt or taking drugs to achieve a certain body type. No one is going to flaunt their medications or the fact they are actually alone and breaking inside.

That picturesque photo of the hot girl on the beach was taken by a stranger because, she was alone. That cute photo of the couple holidaying together is the only minute of the whole trip they weren’t arguing. The second workout for the day completed by the ‘fitness model’ was fuelled by little to no food due to an eating disorder. The across the world travel was paid for by a second credit card. That picture of the happy girl out to brunch with her acai bowl took 30 minutes of constant photo taking to finally one she was happy with by her friend where no other conversation was exchanged. She doesn’t even like acai and her friend has just wasted her morning being a personal photographer instead of getting a nice brunch with meaningful conversation.

What you see in a photo isn’t always what goes on behind it.

I have and will always make a conscious effort to be 110% raw with anyone who follows me on any social media platform because I don’t want to be someone that another person looks up to if I can’t back it up with the truth.

Knowledge is power. So is curiosity. But being skeptical in today’s world with social media, could really go a long way for your self-esteem and self-worth.

Before you long after someone else’s life, holiday, wardrobe or relationship just remember, you only know what they want you to and if you found out what goes on behind closed doors, you’d more than likely be pretty pleased with your own, boring life.

Stace xx



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