The New Stacie

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time / patience / motivation to sit down and actually write anything worthwhile.

Over the past two months my life has been hectic. I’ve adopted a new job, home, friends, surroundings, lifestyle and life.

It’s been almost a week since I stepped foot in the gym, on Saturday night I ate pizza, on Friday night I partied with work friends, and tonight instead of fighting for a piece of something heavy in a sweaty gym, I went for a walk around the park and spent quality time with someone pretty special.

I haven’t weighed food since I moved here.

The best part about this never-ending story is that not once have I felt guilty for any of the above.

Over the past seven days I’ve been on a whirlwind with my personal life. The old me would have dealt with this roller coaster by restricting, training and have the mindset that f I couldn’t be in control of certain aspects in my life I sure as hell would be in control of what & how much I ate. I most definitely would have ensured I fit in 6 cardio sessions and 6 weights in addition to my meal prep and 50 hour weeks.

Not the new Stacie. The new Stacie uses riding a wave as an analogy for her life. You have to go with the flow, there will be ups & downs but that doesn’t matter as long as you get back on the board and try again.

I’m really starting to like this new Stacie. She’s fun and has a unique personality. She’s spontaneous, loving, adventurous and sometimes a little bit crazy.

But she still has the personality traits of the old one. She’s still just as motivated to succeed except now her motivation is fuelled into her career and life goals as opposed to attaining a certain physique. She’s still just as ambitious and stubborn but has this sense of calmness about her, one that’s sensitive and at peace.

She still loves health and fitness but fitness isn’t her entire life anymore. She has finally realised that in order to live fully you need to life your life outside of four walls.

I look back at myself this time last year and I don’t even recognize the person who I have become. I truly, wholeheartedly never thought I would get to a point in my life where my body image and body fat % weren’t one of the most defining factors of who I was as a person.

I didn’t know it was possible to feel this fulfilled in every avenue of your life. I feel whole.




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