Does everything really happy for a reason?

I came on here to write and express my thoughts but got caught up reading my last post, so this may seem contradicting – I’m just going to roll with it. I’ve always had trouble expressing emotions and showing people the vulnerable side of me but I’ve always felt a sense of openness to writing. Like there’s no filter, I just write what I feel.

I have this firm belief that everything happens for a reason. That we are put through tough times because we need to become more resilient, stronger or simply learn to endure pain to know that we can make it out the other side for some purpose in the future.

But, what if sometimes certain circumstances, or road blocks should I say, are placed on our paths to see how bad we want to break through them? What if, we are given a certain hand to deal with to see how bad we will actively fight for what is on the other side, to see if we deserve what awaits us and if we aren’t willing to fight for what we truly want, the roadblock that was so conveniently placed in front of us diverts our lives onto a parallel path to something lesser?

What if, instead of simply accepting that bad things happen and struggle through the reality of loss and acceptance, we listened to our hearts and fought back, to break those walls down to expose what awaited on the other side. What if these troubles and tribulations are all a game to see what we are really, truly willing to fight for, and what awaited us on the other side is everything that we’ve ever asked for – we had just never had the courage or perseverance to stand up to it because, we have this mantra that ‘everything happens for a reason’?

Is this just a cop out to accept that we fail and things don’t work so we don’t feel guilty when we give up and accept defeat?

Sure, hard times make tough people. I haven’t met one single person on this earth who hasn’t eventually grown from struggle or learned from pain. And things do happen for a reason. But what I’m asking is, what if we have this reason all wrong? What if the reason that things happen is actually to see what we’re willing to fight for and what we can overcome in order to attain what it is we were destined for in the first place? What if all the difficulties we have rolled over and accepted as ‘a part of life’ are actually tests to see if we are worthy of greatness.

Will we ever know, or will we always just accept that things happen & universe tells us why, or will we fight for our own reasons



  1. Thoughtful and provoking post as always. I believe that everything happens for a reason, but I think if you truly want something then you should definitely fight for it and never give up. x


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