Imperfectly Prefect

Recently I have become a passionate advocate for self-love, self-acceptance, self-compassion and all the self you can think of. But how can we genuinely accept and begin to love ourselves for whom we authentically are when we are constantly told that we are not thin enough, toned enough, strong enough or have the wrong hair colour, job title etc. because this is what society believes should be the definition of beautiful?

Images permeate our newsfeed and saturate our brains with a warped perception of what the media classifies as the epitome of beautiful. Photoshop, angles, lighting, airbrushing, surgery, makeup and filters make us falsely believe that these people walk around looking like a pin-up Barbie doll 24/7, consequently deteriorating our self-worth by each image passed.

How will we ever achieve this implausible concept of loving ourselves without having the need to change every aspect of our existence?

Sure – I may be over exaggerating but I feel like that has become the norm in today’s world. An over exaggeration of everything; the more and bigger the better. Boobs, lips, hair, money.

A terrifying truth about the world we live in today is that as a result of this self-deterioration and disappointment, people become consumed with the lives of others. At our fingertips we have a multitude of mediums of social media that offer spyholes into what (and who) other people are doing with their time.

It’s become the norm that people go out of their way to make someone feel like they are not worthy or they are inferior.

Social media is one culprit which I blame for this. But when you look deeper into the matter I also believe it comes from an inferiority complex. People are not happy with who they are themselves so they feel the need to belittle others.

When they do not love themselves they are encumbered by a darkness of hate and loathing.

Why do people feel the need to cut someone else down just because they are not happy with themselves?

There are times when everyone will dislike something about their appearance. You may wish you were darker, skinnier, thicker, and taller – but there are worse things in life than not looking the way you wish. How about being vindictive, spiteful or malevolent? Liking yourself supersedes your physical appearance. What about your character and intellect or the way you make other people feel?

You know what’s encouraging about this – is that you have direct control over the latter. You have the ability to change the way you feel about yourself and the impact you have on other people.

Love yourself enough to know that you are perfectly imperfect. If you learn to do this and accept your flaws you will be able to do the same with others.

Disregard anyone trying to cut you down or make you feel worthless, for it is they who have the issues.

Peace out x


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