“Vulnerability is the precursor to everything great.”

This is a saying that has resonated with me since my first viewing (of many) of Brene Brown’s TED Talk.

In today’s society, we spend a lot of our time trying to run away from anything that makes us feel vulnerable.

We have taken chances in the past, exposed ourselves to people who we once thought would be there forever and had faith in opportunities that didn’t live up to our expectations, only to burned. Badly. It has made us repel anything that makes us feel slightly uncomfortable, out of our control and steer away from uncertainty.

We try so hard make to things black and white, grow tough skin and build up walls so that anything and anyone who tries to come close to us is met with a half-assed version of the person whom we truly are. We don’t let ourselves be completely seen for the fear of rejection or failure.

We have lost the inability to divulge into anything that makes us feel slightly uncomfortable, only testing the waters instead of jumping in head first.

Why do we try to attain perfection although we know there is no such thing?

This scepticism limits us from feeling anything and everything, wholeheartedly, for all that it really is.

Feeling vulnerable is absolutely petrifying, so much so that we prevent it from communicating with the people who matter the most to us. We are too busy to feel, we medicate instead of meditate, we cover any feelings that boil to the surface under drugs, alcohol, and more work in attempt of preventing ourselves from looking ‘weak’.

Here’s the thing. Every single person who has ever been successful in any aspect of their lives has started with the feeling of being vulnerable.

Sure, it’s a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that doesn’t seem to fade. But wouldn’t you rather have tried and know, than to live your whole life wondering what if you had taken that opportunity, looked vulnerability in the face and welcomed it with open arms?

You might fail, miserably. You might end up completely heart broken. You may end up back on your parents couch eating canned soup for a few months. But you also might not. How will you ever distinguish between the two realities if you never even try?

Personally, I would rather a life full of memories, both good and bad, goals that have been chased and enriching experiences than a mediocre life cruising through every day in my own comfortable little world.

Brene Brown also said “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

Let yourself be seen and grasp onto every single opportunity with every cell in your body. The only way to live a fulfilling life is to feel, live, learn, make mistakes and get hurt. Just ensure that every time you fail you pick yourself back up, wipe the dirt from your knees and keep moving forward. Don’t let your past dictate the bright, vulnerable future you have in your stars.


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