You are uniquely you

Everyone has areas they would like to work on in regards to their body.

Unfortunately, the world we live in today only augments an unrealistic perception we have of how we think we should look.

How we should be living our lives. What we determine to be beautiful. 

Images of beautiful, toned, ‘perfect’ people permeate our news feeds. We spend hours scrolling through photos of people’s lives we wish we were living.

Confidence and self esteem have a negative linear relationship with the amount of time we spend on Instagram (not actually a fact, but it would be an interesting study).

You look in the mirror and criticize every inch of yourself. You wish your skin was smoother, your legs were smaller, boobs bigger and that microscopic mole didn’t exist because, ew.

We all have this ideal in our minds of who we want to be that we work so furiously towards obtaining this goal, that we forget to stop and look at what we ARE.

Social media and the fitness industry is consumed with angles, lighting, tans, water manipulation, throwbacks and one photo that looks impeccable, behind 100’s that didn’t make the cut.

The thing you don’t realize is that there’s probably someone marveling over the beauty you posses, while you sit there and hate on everything they love.

What’s the point in being unhappy with yourself?

Life is more than looks. Hating your body because you don’t live up to your own unrealistic expectations is like hating dark chocolate because it isn’t milk chocolate.

They’re both fucking amazing and equally delicious, just dissimilar and unique in their own ways.

Look yourself in the mirror, every single morning and say out loud something you love about your appearance.

At first, you might be feeling like you’re lying to yourself. But over time and repetition you will begin to believe it.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference. If you say you love your legs when this couldn’t be further from the truth, your brain will register what you’re putting out into the world and give you more of that.

I can guarantee you, over time you will begin to believe it and your confidence will incrementally increase.

So stop wasting the beautiful person that you are today and love your body for what it is.

It keeps you alive every single day. It beats without you telling it to. It puts up with your nonsense, bullshit self-hatred talking, yet still does everything in it’s power to keep you breathing.

Love yourself now. Not when you reach a certain weight or goal. You can still love who you are while working towards the person you want to be.

The two aren’t mutually exclusive. You are the controller of your thoughts so how about we start making these positive?

Stop with the comparisons.

You are uniquely you.



  1. “Stop with the comparisons” I absolutely love this. I stopped comparing myself or my weight to others and it’s amazing how much better you feel mentally. It’s nice to hop on the scales and not be worried about a number! Love reading through your blog, it inspires me and makes me excited to start this new phase of my life! X


    1. Absolutely know where you are coming from! So glad to hear you have managed to find that happiness with yourself regardless of redundant numbers! Thank you Chonetl 🙂


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