Show UP.

What does being present mean to you? Unfortunately, the most common thought millennials have about being present revolves around gifts or uploading our newest selfie to Instagram (guilty).

We are so consumed in how we appear to others and our social media lives that we forget about the real lives we live. With real people, real feelings, real problems and actual, genuine reality. We walk down the street absorbed in our phones that we don’t see where we are going or who we are passing. No one looks up to smile anymore. Melancholically, everything and everyone goes unnoticed unless it is happening behind some sort of screen.

Children show us the newest game they’ve got on their iPads instead of the innocent picture they’ve just drawn, with an actual piece of paper. It’s no wonder that divorce and depression are on the rise.

The ability to connect with others is greater than ever but at the same time we have lost our ability for connection.

We are bombarded with information about what else is out there, what others are doing, places that are being seen and goals that are being achieved, that we are never really happy with what we have and where we are at.

We are so involved with other people’s lives that we forget to live our own.

For me, being present is walking down the street and inhaling everything that this earth has to offer. The smells, sights and sounds that so unknowingly go unnoticed due to our over consumption of materialistic commodities. It’s making eye contact when we speak, putting your device away for a two-way conversation without distraction and fragmentation.

It’s spending time with people I care about, being in that moment and not wondering what my Facebook friends are doing. It’s being appreciative of what I have, in that time.

Ensuring I grasp onto every moment while it is alive, because the truth of the matter is, life can be cut even shorter at any given time. I don’t want reach the end of my life wishing I had paid more attention to the people and places that crossed my path. Show up. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. Show appreciation, love, joy, happiness and pleasure.

I don’t want to have a relationship or friendship with you and your phone. Unless we’re away from each other then use that device to connect, genuinely connect when you need. I crave authenticity. I crave to be looked at when spoken to. To feel a genuine connection and that nothing else matters at that time. I want to embrace the opportunity to engage in conversations and other’s company. Feel, relinquish and laugh.

Be present, in all that I am and all I experience. “Take a breath instead of a swipe”. Give attention to the beauty of life, your partner, job, pets and all that you have.

Let people know how you feel and express your gratitude for them. Breathe, slow down, unplug and just show up. Life is made up of fleeting moments that won’t ever string together again.

So make time in each and every day to wholeheartedly live in that very moment because before you know it, those moments won’t be there any longer. Be deliberate in your relationships, actions and life.


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