Stage two

I have learned to start accepting my body at every stage. At first I was insecure, embarrassed and somewhat upset due my offseason body and the gain I needed to endure (healthy gain, might I add).

I felt like I had a standard to uphold, sponsorship to retain and an image I needed to preserve.

I brushed off compliments of looking healthy – actually offended as I believed this was a nice way of saying I had gained weight. I mean, it probably was. But then again, I needed to.

I dismissed the laughs I’d share with friends due to the ability to once again socialise

The meals out with family and loved ones because I wasn’t constrained to a tuppaware diet.

I ignored the immense increases in strength, endurance and energy.

I forgot about the positivity, stable moods and happiness that I felt every day due to not being depleted and constantly run down.

Most importantly, the re-found love and care I have in my heart for other people due to no longer being so inwardly focused was overlooked completely.

I had been concentrating on what I didn’t have (abs) and completely overlooked everything that I have.

It’s starting to become a lot clearer.

A leaner me isn’t a better me. It’s not a more dedicated, motivated or driven me. I am still all of those adjectives & more. My focus is just being channeled in another, more beneficial direction. It’s just another stage of my journey that will lead me to greater and more rewarding things.


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